Since the publish of “ meizitang botanical slimming soft gel real VS fake”, there are many people asking of how to identity meizitang strong version real or fake. Now will have a detailed explanation as following:

There many versions of MSV in the market, there is transparent liquid, white liquid and brown liquid of meizitang strong version.  Which one is authentic and more effective? Let's take a look:

1.Original white liquid Meizitang strong version real Vs fake:

1) Appearance of bottle:

The packaging of the real and fake meizitang strong version’s difference is not as obvious as meizitang botanical slimming regular soft gel, but you can still see the discrepancy.

The packaging of REAL mezitang strong version is more colorful and brighter than the fake one; the fake is white some.


Maybe you say it’s difficult to tell by the color if you do not have both real and fake on hand.

Then the next character is more easier to see:

When you screw down(tighten) the cap, the real meizitang strong verion has moderate gap between the cap and body of bottle, however the fake meizitang strong version has a big gap between.

2) The lot number and expiration date

The real meizitang strong version has a strong and clear lot number, manufacture and expire date.

However the fake one is blurred and vague.

 Another fake version is the lot number and date are described in Chinese character, which is also an obvious fake product.

3) The silver paper seal

When you open the cap. You will see a layer of silver paper. The real meizitang strong version’s seal silver paper has clean edge, but the fake meizitang strong version has an unfit one.

4) The dryer pack

Real meizitang strong version’s dryer pack has words “USA Desiccant international Inc.” and phone number: 1-800-392-1156, the paper is strong and uneasy broken.

Fake meizitang strong verion’s dryer pack is simple and very soft paper which is easily tear up, could be easy to have dryer come out during the transportation.

5) Inside liquid

Meizitang strong version is a heavier fomula than meizitang botanical slimming soft gel. And the essence liquid is thicker than the meizitang botanical slimming soft gel, the color is white, while the fake meizitang strong version has a very runny substance pure clear, no effective essence in this substance.

If you do not know which version is suitable for you to choose please just take a review of this article:" How to choose meizitang botanical slimming softgel or meizitang strong version" 
2. Clarification on “original MSV - white liquid” and “new MSV - brown liquid

Many People are confused on the color of MSV liquid, "brown or white? Which one is original?"

1)  “new MSV - brown liquid” is the product which developed on the bases of  “original MSV - white liquid”.
 -Original MSV – white liquid appears earlier in the market.

-New MSV – brown liquid is a product which developed on the bases of Original MSV but with enhanced formula and adding some changes on packaging.

2) “Original MSV - white liquid” and “new MSV - brown liquid”, which one has better effect?

With enhanced formula, the "new MSV- brown liquid"  works good on slimming, while no side effects; and the original white liquid with the sophisticated technology works good on slimming too. But both version there are many fake products in the market and doesn't work. Especially the new brown version there are too many fake copiers which doesn't work at all. Please refer to the up loaded pictures and remember the real version!  For more details you could also visit Meizitang Strong Version Brown Liquid Real vs Fake.

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If you want to buy the original white MSV please click here or make a remark on order when you buy.

Meizitang ingredients: There are different ingredients of Meizitang for example meizitang regular soft gel is Zisu 25%, Cassia seed 10%, Fuling 17%, oriental water plantain 13% and Medical Amylum 35%, while the meizitang strong version ingredients is Jobstears, artemisia dracunculus, bamboo shoot, psyllium husk, lotus leaf and seed fat. But overall the MSV has 20% stronger effective formula than the original regular meizitang botanical slimming soft gel.

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