Meizitang botanical slimming soft gel real vs fake comparison:

First of all, if the price is unreasonably cheap, then please don’t buy it, because the real Meizitang Botanical Slimming Soft Gel is made up by precious plants herbal essence from which the plant can only grow at steep mountainous place in Yunnan, China. These plants possess the function of slimming, restrain appetite, Improve the metabolism and basic metabolism  ratio (BMR), and accelerate fat consumption. Here is few points you couldhave identification of real or fake meizitang:

1.    Identify package of meizitang botanical slimming soft gel:
The real meizitang has darker green color.
Woman print on the packing is very clear.
Date of manufacture is small but bold and clear.

The fake meizitang has light grass green color.
Woman print on the packing is red some or yellow some and vague.
Date of manufacture is big but thin printed. When you scratch it use your nail it can be peel off.


2.    Identify the capsule container of meizitang botanical slimming soft gel
The real meizitang soft gel is packed in smooth and thick container capsule.
The capsule container of fake meizitang soft gel is naturally wrinkled and thin.


3.    Identify the capsule of meizitang botanical slimming soft gel
The Real Meizitang has natural gloss. The MZT laser mark is smooth.
The Fake Mezitang can also have clear mzt laser mark but the mark has rough edge, not so smooth as the real meizitang.

4.    Identify the liquid of meizitang botanical slimming soft gel
Real meizitang botanical slimming is peral white gel with gloss, when you smell at it, no sour odour.
Fake meizitang has the clear oil and the milk white liquid mix together. When you smell at it you’ll find it has a sour odour.

There is also a complete clear version that sales popular because someone list it on video to claim it be the real one however customer feedback is not so good result with this version after people take them.

Meizitang strong version real vs fake comparison:

Meizitang strong version has stronger fomula when compared with regular meizitang soft gel.

If you do not know which version is suitable for you to choose please just take a review of this article: “Is meiiztang strong version better than the meizitang regular soft gel?

1.Original MSV real and fake:
1)    Appearance of packaging
Look at following picture, the real meizitang strong version is more clear and colorful printing. The fake one is white some and light. Besides, when you screw down(tighten) the cap, the real meizitang strong verion has moderate gap between the cap and body of bottle, however the fake meizitang strong version has a big gap between.


2)    The lot number and expiration date

The real meizitang strong version is with a clear printed lot number, manufacture and expire date at the bottom of bottle.

However the fake one is blurred and vague. Or with the lot number and date described in Chinese character, which are obvious fake MSV.

3)    The dryer pack
Real meizitang strong version possesses phrase “USA Desiccant international Inc” printed on dryer pack and phone number: 1-800-392-1156, the paper is strong and uneasy broken.
Fake meizitang strong verion’s dryer package has very thin paper wrap which is easily rip up, could be easy to have insider material come out during the transportation which is harmful when we bring them into our body.

4)    MSV soft gel liquid color
Real meizitang strong version essence liquid is thicker than the meizitang botanical slimming soft gel and the color is milky white.
Fake meizitang strong version has a very runny substance pure clear, no effective essence in this substance.

2. Clarification on “original MSV - white liquid” and “new MSV - brown liquid
1)    “new MSV - brown liquid” is the product which developed on the bases of  “original MSV - white liquid”. 

Original MSV – white liquid appears earlier in the market.
New MSV – brown liquid is a product which developed on the bases of Original MSV but with enhanced formula and adding some changes on packaging like add anti-fake label.

2)    “Original MSV - white liquid” and “new MSV - brown liquid”, which one has better effect?
With enhanced formula, the "new MSV- brown liquid"  works very good on slimming, while no side effects; and the original white liquid with the sophisticated technology works good on slimming too. But both version there are many fake products in the market and doesn't work. Especially the new brown version there are too many fake copiers. Please refer to the up loaded pictures and remember the real version!  For more details you could also visit Meizitang Strong Version Brown Liquid Real vs Fake.

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