Mezitang botanical slimming soft gel is a natural herbal formulated slimming soft gel, it’s magic effect on fast weight reducing while no side effects has win a good reputation and large market.

However, fake products also emerged due to meizitang‘s popularity. Most desperately those black heart fake mezitang botanical slimming soft gel sellers insist that they are selling the real! How to identify the real and fake meizitang botanical slimming soft gel has become an extremely important thing.

Here will show you the key points:

1. Compare the packaging:

Many videos and photos may already show comparison tips, but different people tell the different stories. Which one is most reliable? The most Authenticated one is now you are seeing.

Real meizitang botanical slimming:

The real meizitang has darker green color package.

Woman print on the packing is white and clear.

Date of manufacture is small but bold and clear.

Fake meizitang botanical slimming:

The fake meizitang has grass green color package.

Woman print on the packing is red some or yellow some and vague.

Date of manufacture is big but thin printed.

2. Compare the capsule container

 Real meizitang botanical slimming:

   The capule container of real meizitang botanical slimming is smooth and thick.  

   Fake meizitang botanical slimming: 

   The capsule container of real meizitang botanical slimming is naturally wrinkled and thin.


3. Compare the soft gel capsule

The old photo of how to identify the meizitang botanical slimming is that the real meizitang is very clear and the  fake meizitang is very vague. However, what you seen is already manly processed by photoshop.The fact is now the fake meizitang botanical slimming soft gel also have ‘MZT’ laser mark and the difference Is not so big as showed in most pictures. However, when you look at them carefully you could still see the difference:

The Real Meizitang has natural green and gloss. The MZT laser mark is smooth. 

The Fake Mezitang is more obscure and the mark is roughly, not so smooth as the real meizitang.

5. Compare the inside substance of meizitang botanical slimming soft gel

This is the last but the most important step. There are different factories that copy Meizitang and produce fake meizitang soft gels. So there are different fake versions in the market, some are even similar to the real one on the pakage. But the inside substance will never lie. It is so simple to identify as long as you squeeze the substance out.

Real meizitang botanical slimming

  Real meizitang is Semitransparent Gel, when you smell at it, no sour odour.


Fake meizitang botanical slimming:

When you squeeze fake meizitang soft gel it is first comes out the clear oil then the milk white liquid comes out and  mix together with the oil. When you smell at it you’ll find it has a sour odour.



When you put them together, I believe you can judge by yourself which one is better.


Meizitang botanical slimming is a recommended and good effect slimming products. But you need

open your eyes and never be fooled by anyone who sale the fake products, no matter how flattery

he or she tells you.

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